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From technical support to strategic consulting,we have the IT solution for your growing business.

Too many people experience a problem with their computer and then make it worse by spending hours on the phone with a call center trying to get support,or by unplugging their computer and taking it in to a repair center.

Not only does this waste precious time, but you might be leaving the problem at home. Very often, the problem isn’t in the computer’s hardware, but in the way it has been setup within the home.

You need professionals from Houston Pc Repair to come in, assess the problem, and find a solution -fast.

Our consultants have highly specialized knowledge, skills, and ability. They are all trained computer technicians with a great deal  of experience.

Our IT support and managed service technicians can ensure the optimal operation of your desktop computers, your network, and the integrity of your information technology infrastructure and environment.

Some of our more popular service offerings include:

* Network Design

* Technical Support

* Disaster Recovery

The benefits for our clients include:

  • Reduced IT costs
  • IT Strategy Development
  • Designated Primary Engineer
  • Training, advice, and guidance for end users, including user guides and FAQs
  • Optional weekend and after hours coverage, if required
  • Custom-tailored policies on computer use and software compliance issues
  • Assistance in selecting software packages or 3rd party services

*             On-going project management

  • Design, implementation and testing of disaster recovery or business continuity plan.
  • 24/7 Technical Help desk and Remote Support

When you hire our IT services, you will be working with consultants who work day in and day out to keep you ahead of all that is happening on the technology front.

There is never a good time for a computer to break down,but you can make a bad situation a lot worse,or you can instantly make it better. All you have to do is call (713) 234-5678 and a computer technician will be on their way to mend your computer woes.


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